World of Tanks — a very popular free2play game where each player can participate in those battles on the technique of the Second World War. Selecting a tank, you get a random card with his team of 15 people, you’re up against another team of 15 people, too. On this page one can download yourself online game World of Tanks is for the computer. Below is a link to the game for different regions.

Panel damage

Panel damage — a modification (modes) that alter the standard of the damage tank. These panels show the status of your war machine and are divided into several types. Some damage panel can change the location of the number of HP, others change the location of the modules, while others can completely change the look. In addition to the change of the damage, some mods add a log of the damage (part of the XVM) damage panel


On our site contains a lot of useful mods, but some people want to get everything in one. That is what modpacks, which collected the most necessary and useful for World of Tanks modification Often, mod packs create well-known personalities that make guides and reviews of the game World of Tanks. They gather all the fashion and packed in the installer, but not before testing them on various bugs and errors. With the release of new versions of WoT, and updated modpacks, even after the update may extend recent versions with bug fixes.

Sight (Crosshair)

Sights for World of Tanks can be considered one of the most popular and downloadable add-ons. After all, the standard scope of gaming is not to everyone’s taste, it has a lot of flaws and shortcomings. Today, a variety of sights for WoT simply enormous. So you can download the minimal scope, historical or most feature-rich as in Star Wars. Almost all sights added a lot of useful information: penetration of the projectile, the thickness of armor, the zoom indicator recharge time and so on.

Hitzones (Weak Spot)

Skins with areas of penetration for the World of Tanks much easier aiming and shooting at enemy tanks vulnerabilities. The player can choose the appropriate option skins: colored zone is broken, contour zone and primed area of penetration.

Hitzones (Weak Spot)

eXtended Visualization Mod — display player stats in battle three factors: the number of fights player, winning percentage and rounded player efficiency rating.

Damage indicator

Damage Indicator is a color indicator that immediately after the shooting at you enemy shows from where the shot was fired. Simply put, the fashion shows from where firing at your tank.


Why do we need minimap, you ask? Yes, because the game without it becoming very uncomfortable and impossible. The minimap is of great importance in the conduct of the battle, and properly configured minimap is a very useful tool for every tank driver. Small map in the lower right corner of the screen, allows you to track your allies and other enemy forces on the map. The standard minimap from the developers did not give all the opportunities that require soldiers. So players rework fashion mini card to fit your needs. There appear the names of tanks, and place the last glare of the enemy, and the maximum draw circles, and even a lot of the information you need. Now a glance at the lower left corner of the display is enough to understand what tactics to choose to continue the battle. I think you will agree with the statement that a careful analysis of evidence minimap – is the key to winning the battle. A recently become available cards with HD quality landscape. That is, unless the gaming locations is new to you, you can quickly become familiar with it.

Hangar (Garage)

Hangar — this is the place where the player gets when first entering the game World of Tanks, and it is returned to the player after each fight. This is our home game. Often, we spend a lot of time hangar, but it is not as important as the other modes, such as the sight or area of penetration.


We meet the icons in the game almost everywhere: in the battle, while waiting for the battle, in the hangar, the fortified area, team battles, and many more where. Standard icons World of tanks do not like everything in addition, they are not very informative. But for this there are small and fashion, which added information content and paints icons. There are 3 main types of tanks icons: contoured, 3D, color.

System Requirements

We suggest to familiarize with the system requirements for online game World of Tanks

Minimum system requirements:

  • CPU: 2 GHz
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Video: GeForce 6600GT (128 MB) / ATI analog
  • HDD: 6 GB
  • Connection rate: 128 Kbps

Maximum system requirements:

  • CPU: 2 Core 3 GHz
  • RAM: 3 GB
  • Video: GeForce 9800 (512 MB) / ATI analog
  • HDD: 6 GB
  • Connection rate: 1024 Kbps or higher (for faster downloads)