baztens modpack

Download the mod pack Baztens, not very large set of mods and modifications. But this does not mean that they will not be useful for the game World of Tanks. Assembling the mods created based Originally inspired by Matiz9’s «RAGE modpack». Install and enjoy!


  • XVM + J1mB0’s XVM config with enabled tank carousel of 2 rows with all filters.
  • J1mB0’s Crosshair + no-gun-shake and zoom-out.
  • J1mB0’s Tank Contours
  • Elkano’s Received Damage Announcer
  • Yasenkrasen Session Stats
  • In-battle WN8/EFF calculator (Russian site)
  • No intro video
  • AutoEquip (Russian site)
  • Battle Assistant
  • Servercross2 (Russian site) – Remember to enable server reticle in WOT game settings.
  • Custom 6th sense trollface sign.
  • Custom tank stats in the garage – Preview/Guide

The autoequip mod is a godsend. It automatically dismount and mount telescope, camo-net and toolbox for you.


  1. Download and unzip ModPak
  2. Folders «» and «XVM» copy and paste this path: /WoT/res_mods/


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