Benozs XVM Config

Compact and at the same time very useful XVM MOD for World of Tanks. The author of this Modpack is Beonz. The XVM Config includes XVM config, Session Statistics, Minimap, Hitlog and Dmg-log.

Mod list:

  1. J1mb0’s Crosshair
  2. Zoom Out
  3. Benoz XVM Config
  4. Hitlog
  5. Damage Log (next to Damage Panel)
  6. Nice Over Target Marks
  7. Clean Stats Display

Changelog (Version 19.0 for World of Tanks Version 9.18):
added WN8 ingame meter
changed session stats to Yasen Krasen session stats (temporarely)
Known Bugs: 04/28/2016 Session stats don’t work -> exchanged with Yasen Krasen session stats (only temporarely)

Changelog (Version 6.0.0 for World of Tanks Version 9.6):
added Xft’s Damage Panel to Normal Pack
added Autoaim Indicator to Normal + Extended
added Artillery Battle Assistant to Nor+Ext
added Colorblind and Sixth Sense Audio option in optional folder
added Garage Vehicle Info and Extended Crew Info in Extended Pack


  1. Place the folder “res_mods” this way: \World_of_Tanks\
  2. Visit the official site of the XVM:
  3. Enter the login and password of your Wargaming account


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