This mod will help you to always monitor your effectiveness during combat. Among the large number of mods for World of Tanks, there is a mod that remains the leader in providing performance information, and it is called the XVM. But the XVM mode shows the effectiveness of your tank for all players.

We propose to control your own effectiveness, this mod will show useful information right in the battle:

  • Average tank damage on this server
  • Amount of damage caused
  • A number of accurate hits during the battle
  • Amount of damage
  • Displays the nominal efficiency and WN8
  • List of your damaged tanks

There are 18 options to choose from, depending on the information you need. Before the battle appears after subtracting the amount of damage on the screen, this number indicates the amount of damage you must apply to get moderate damage to the server. Good luck in the fight.


  1. Copy the mods folder to the folder with the installed World_Of_Tanks game.
  2. To change the config copy the folder configs from the desired archive to the folder World_Of_Tanks/mods


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