Ch4iner ModPack

Presented modpack contains the best add-ons and features that should help in the battle. Set of additions from Chainer’s for World of Tanks does not contain extra mods and add-ons that flank the player extra information, and the most important thing in battle. All the most necessary for the player.


  • XVM (my own config)
  • GambitER’s Damage Panel (my own config)
  • Zoom Out Mod
  • My own tank icons


  • J1mB0’s Crosshair Mod
  • Sixth Sense sound
  • Multilined TankCarousel – 2-lined tank carousel (part of XVM)
  • No Scroll Mod

Mods adapted to game version
XVM updated
GambitER’s DamageLog updated
Minimap aim icon added (for arty)
GambitER’s DamageLog appearance modified, still not final
Minor adjustments in battle statistic form (TAB) formatting

Changelog: version
Mods adapted on game version 0.9.7

Changelog: version #2
Enemy Spotted Marker (light bulbs next to enemy Players Panel) fixed
Separators in Statistic Form (TAB) fixed


  1. Download and unzip
  2. Select the desired mode
  3. Put res_mods folder from the archive into the game folder: World_of_Tanks \


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