Complete Pack by locastan

A cool set of add-ons for WoT from well-known developer «locastan». Mod Pack locastan contains 19 mods that have been developed locastan and other players. After installing the add-ons from locastan playing will become much easier and more convenient.


  • ally_outlines_api
  • botdetect_report
  • Contour Icons
  • DmgPnl_centr_hpleft
  • enable XVM rating
  • InfoPanel
  • Ingame_Clock_int
  • locastans Minimap_3rdGen
  • locastans UT_voice_Gen2
  • locastans XVM5.4.1 2990 setup
  • MaxZoom91
  • MultilinedTankCarousel_1.5
  • ReceivedDamage-v2.3_loca
  • Remove_bloom_
  • ScopeShadowRemove
  • silent_battle_timer
  • TeamHpPools_API
  • timer_crosshairs_STL1te_int
  • wagon visibility mod


  1. Download and unzip
  2. Select the desired mode
  3. Put res_mods folder from the archive into the game folder: World_of_Tanks\


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