FD modpack

Today, we want to offer you a new modpak for World of Tanks called FD’s or Frost_DeatH. Every day this little assembly mods acquires new fans. What is so good according modpak? It’s very simple, it includes only the most necessary and useful modes, but also has been approved by the developers as a safe and not prohibited by a set of mods. Download FD’s modpack is completely free.

Mods are included in this assembly:

  • Frost icons
  • New icons of ammo, equipment
  • Jimbo crosshair
  • Damage panel from Zayaz
  • Gambiter hitlog
  • Colored message YasenKrasen
  • HangMan — hangar manager
  • Zoom X30
  • XVM
  • Safe Shot
  • 6 sense + sound
  • Team HP bar «arma»
  • HP on next tank


  • Run installer and follow the instructions


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