Hello friends. We would like to invite to download a new player from ModPack Gamertech, where you will find the right fashion for the world of tanks The assembly is completely free, it is very well balanced, it has absorbed the usefulness and beauty, convenience and informative. The package has been thoroughly tested and does not contain errors.


  • Accurate Damage Indicator
  • Ally Silhouette
  • Anti-chat spam blocker
  • ASIA Clan Icons
  • Aslains XVM Mod
  • Auto-Equip
  • Auto-Telescope
  • Barebones XVM config
  • Battle Assistant
  • Choice of contour icons
  • Choice of sights – Jimbos, Meltys, Deegies, Roughnecks
  • Modified battle sights
  • Colourblind Support
  • DIY Mod Loader
  • Four’s FPS Mod
  • Gamer’s Anti-recoil Mod
  • Gamer’s HD Minimap
  • Gamer’s Multi Level Sniper Mod 2,4,6,8,10,12,16,20,24,30x
  • Gamer’s Zoom-out Mod
  • HD Icons
  • Hitlog
  • Improved Crew Skill Descriptions
  • Live WN8
  • Max Farplane Mod
  • Radial Menu by Locastan


  • Just copy the files to your install folder and play.


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