Hawgs Alternative XVM

We want to offer you another XVM mod that will be a good substitute for the standard «eXtended Visualization Mod». Each of you wants to see additional information during the fight, and this mod will help you with this. A lot of useful information, new tank icons, its own panel of damage and much more. This version of the mod is compatible with the latest version

You do not need to add additional fonts, as in most other XVM, that can sink your FPS, or even slow down your PC. Alternative XVM from Hawg’s is a design that can even raise you FPS, and not lower it like other similar fashion.

«HawgPen» Configs was added. So now you can turn on or off some of the features in the settings, those that like it or not. By default, the following functions work in the tinctures: autoload, average damage, battle, carousel, carousel flags, roundabout icons, DamageLog, efficiency, FlashBang High Caliber, Hawg Zoom, HealthBar, Hitlog, Icons, Icon level, Icon outlines not Hawgs, Platoon marks, Postmortem, Premium garage, Marker scores, SixthSense Time, Tank Sky Zoom Out, Total HP.

How to install:

  1. Download and unzip the archive.
  2. Folder «res mods» copy and paste into the root of the game.
  3. To activate xvm click link to xvm http://www.modxvm.com/en/


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