Hitbox skins

Great alternative to the primed area of penetration of the World Tanks 9.15.1. Shell was made based on the style of “Red Star”, and put his hand to it and authors Kodoku Lemon96. Unlike the original qualitatively new level of performance, better penetration and other areas. In the primed shells indicated: crew modules vulnerability zone penetration.

The skins are available for the following tanks:

Germany: Mause, E-100, JagdPz E-100, Jagdtiger, E-75, VK4502 (P) Ausf.B, E-50;
France: AMX 50B, AMX 50 Foch, AMX 50 120, BatChatillon 25t, Lorraine 40t;
U.S. T110E5, T110E4, T110E3, T95, M103, T30, M46 Patton;
USSR: IS-4M, IS-4, IS-7, Ob.268, Ob.704, IS-8, ST-1, T-54.
How to install:
  1. Extract the folder “vehicles” and its contents in the game folder “… \World_of_Tanks\res_mods\\”.

Compatible with the client version:

Package version: 2.1

Authors: StranikS_Scan, Kodoku & Co


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