improved lighting

A high-quality mode that completely change the lighting to 13 maps (screenshots below) World of tanks. Only a few maps shown right now, but stay tuned to see new maps reworked lighting. This mod is based on an older version, which downloaded more than 10,000 times as part of mod pack Grumpelumpf’s or OMC.

Author: lgfrbcsgo

  • Will make all the maps more brighter
  • Removes fog
  • Removes effect «bloom»
  • All this will help to slightly increase the FPS.

Blue sky meets bright yellow morning sun, which results in beautiful long shadows.

Deep blue sky and bright sun – early morning hours, imo the best time oft the day

A cloudy and foggy morning featuring a gorgeous sun rise

A foggy swamp glittering in the early morning sun, doesn’t it look great?v

El Hallouf
Death Valley as gorgeous as you haven’t seen it before – I really like those early hours oft the day

Arctic Region
A sunny winter or as I call it “Winter Wonderland”. Beautiful, huh?

Live Oaks
A sunny noon in the south west of the USA, at least I think so…

A sunny morning in the mid West oft the USA, correct me if I am wrong…

Pearl River
A really beautiful sun rise in the mountains of China or how it could look like

A snowy and sunny day in the Ukraine City oft Kharkov

Who doesn’t like sunny winter days, at least that’s what I tought…

Winter Ruinberg
A sunny morning on Ruinberg …on the winter one

A rainy sun set in Stalingrad… I sadly haven’t found the rainbow yet.


  • Copy the contents of the archive in …WOT/res_mods/0.9.15.x


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