Mod Chameleon

We present a new and significantly improved mod «Chameleon» with 3D skins of enemy tanks.

The advantage of the fashion «Chameleon» is its bright three-dimensional appearance, which will show the weak points of the enemy tank. Using very bright 3D-skins allows you to clearly see the vulnerabilities on the tower and body, and also you can see the places where the shells get to. Mod works only in sniper mode, which allows you to enjoy the wonderful graphics in the arcade. In addition to this, the chameleon is seen even from a long distance.

If you use the NUMPAD6 key, you can turn the mod on and off. This mod is very effective in the game because of what it refers to banned, you use it at your own peril and risk. You may be locked out of the account.


  • res_mods\\scripts\client\gui\mods\mod Chameleon.xml


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