[] HARDscope 11.9.5 (historical sights)
[] J1mB0’s Crosshair Mod v.1.22 for WoT
[] Modpack «Nothing in excess» v.1
[] Gleborg modpack v. 0.1
[] Marakasi modpack
[] Amway921 modpack v.4
[] AnTiNooB modpack v28.0
Arti25 modpack for World of Tanks
[] [Cross-hair] Deegies sight
[] Webium’s Modpack #04
[] XVM Mod Pack by QuickyBaby v.2
[] Mod Pack from PROTanki v.50
[] Jove Mod Pack v34.5
[] The calculator of effectiveness in battle: WN8, EFF, XWN8, XEFF, COEF, DIFF, DAMAGE
[] The crosshair Mjolnir «Hammer of Thor»
[] INDIGO mod
[] Zoom mod x1-x60 in the sight
[] Tundra mod – remove the crowns of trees, remove the leaves
Vitiris Golddetector Pack
[] Xft Damage Panel + integrated hitlog v0.22a
[] Hitlog & Damage Panel by Kodos
[] Battle interface from Zayaz
[] Transparent Damage Panel from BioNick
[] Color, translucent panel damage
[] Damage Panel BioNick by Doctor_Digital
[] Damage Panel by Rabbit
[] Damage panel from GambitER (DamageLog) English v0.4.3
[] Damage panel from KobkaG
[] Damage panel from Noobool