reapers modpack

Mod Pack by Reaper for 9.8.1 has become very popular in the Asian forum “World of Tanks”, in this context, we immediately decided to add it to the site. In this assembly mods includes about 15 most popular modifications for improving the interface and gameplay of the game. Download and enjoy!

List of mods in all packs:

  • XVM
    • SEA username and password login checkbox
    • Accurate Damage Indicator
    • SeaFalcons Damage Panel (Shows shell type when hit)
    • Sixth Sense Spotted Timer
  • Options:
    • Pinup Girls
    • Zoom out
    • Smooth 30x zoom
    • Yasen Krasen’s Enhanced Statistics
    • Fog Remover
    • Scope Shadow Remover
    • 2 or 3 Row Carousel
    • Anfield’s modded Jimbo’s sights
    • ASIA clan icons

How To install:

  1. Download ModPak.
  2. Run the installer and follow the instructions.


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