It may have been the Germans who took the crown last year, but TankBowl for World of Tanks on Xbox One and PS4 is back – and this time round it’ll give plenty of reason for World of Tanks players to get involved.

Kicking off today, TankBowl for World of Tanks sees Team USA face off against Team USSR in a number of competitive Ops.

Running until Feb 4th 2018, to participate in TankBowl, you must complete in-game Tryouts in order to secure your spot in the TankBowl for Team USSR or Team USA by earning points during battles based on performances. Should you be one of those Tankers who complete the Tryouts, then you will move forward into the four-day TankBowl event that starts February 1st, earning valuable in-game items and bonuses along the way.

To get involved, things couldn’t be simpler. After choosing the nation you wish to support in TankBowl, by playing in multiplayer matches with any Tier III or higher Soviet or US tank, points will be awarded in each match for outstanding performance. Tankers who earn 100 points for their chosen nation will see their Tryouts complete and given the opportunity to be able to contribute to their nation’s success during TankBowl.

For the very best players, the four-day TankBowl commencing on February 1st will see players receive points for experience earned in multiplayer battles with Tier III -Tier X tanks from their chosen nation (USA or USSR). Every 15 points earned for their nation will result in one completion and a random drop reward. Tankers who earn 110 or more points will be rewarded with the prestigious MVP USA or MVP USSR Medal. :The nation with the highest average completions (per qualifying players) will win TANKBOWL.

Full version here


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