World of Tanks to get new graphics engine

World of Tanks has spent the last several months gearing up for its comprehensive Update 1.0. Developer Wargaming has now confirmed the long-serving combat vehicle MMO will receive a new graphics engine and overhauled maps come March, 2018.

Courtesy of an “advanced” CORE graphics engine, more than 25 of WoT’s maps stand to be redesigned in a bid to “meet modern graphical standards”, so says the developer in a statement.

“The in-house developed CORE engine brings a complete visual makeover, adding greater depth, beauty and realism to battlefields with no adverse effect on the game’s performance,” says Wargaming. “Terrain, water, flora, skies, and environments on recreated maps get bolstered with the latest physically based rendering tech and support a variety of new and improved effects. Space is more realistically illuminated and battlefields feel more dynamic and active thanks to improved shading and lighting models, responsive water, and realistic terrain textures.”

Wargaming adds that Update 1.0 doesn’t solely improve the game’s visuals, but also its audio—having teamed up with over 40 musicians in the process. I caught up with videogame veteran Akira Yamaoka to this end earlier this year, where he discussed his recent involvement with World of Tanks, as well as his openness to a Team Silent reunion.

Wargaming’s statement continues: “To share the look and feel of the upcoming update, Wargaming released World of Tanks enCore 2018, a special program that gives players a little hands-on time with the new visuals and music. With the help of enCore, everyone can replay battle videos and check how the overhauled game will perform on their game station.”

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