WOTSPEAK – is the most favorite assembly for players who like to use forbidden mods. Modpack includes legitimate and the best cheat modification.

What are the forbidden modes in modpack?

  • Two options for turning off leaves. Map sweep will be much more convenient.
  • The timer reloads the enemy, which can be configured directly in the installer. Now you can confidently go to the enemy, knowing that it is recharging and can not fire.
  • Mapping of fallen trees and other destructible objects on the minimap. Especially useful when you are alone against several enemies that do not shine.
  • Color tracers (a paradise for artillery) and a laser pointer exiting the trunk of the enemy tank.
  • Shadow in the place where the enemy was previously found.
  • Simplified models of tanks (those used to calculate the booking).
  • The ability to enable always active display of enemy contours behind obstacles.
  • Inclusion of artillery regime on conventional tanks.
  • Four clever auto-targets.
  • Disable the visibility of objects through which the shell passes.
  • Red balls
  • Tank repair with detailed adjustment.

Only forbidden mods are listed, legal even more, there is no sense to describe them all, it is a usual gentleman’s set of sights, audio mods and interface changes.

In the installer there is a menu “Buttons”, in which you can see which keys are controlled by forbidden modifications.

Some of the available cheats can be seen in the screenshots below.


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